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Woven Labels

Elevate your brand with our Custom Woven Labels, meticulously crafted to showcase your logo or text with unparalleled clarity. Ideal for clothing and textiles, these labels offer a durable, high-definition finish that withstands the test of time, reflecting the quality of your brand.

Woven Patches

Our Custom Woven Patches are the epitome of detail and durability, perfect for uniforms, bags, and promotional items. With intricate designs woven into every patch, they offer a premium, long-lasting method to display your brand or artwork vividly.

Embroidery Patches

Add a touch of elegance and texture with our Embroidered Patches. Featuring rich, vibrant threads and a variety of backing options, these patches are perfect for adding a dimensional, high-quality look to any garment or accessory.

Hook & Loop Tags

Versatile and practical, our Hook & Loop Patches are designed for easy application and removal. Ideal for military, emergency services, or team apparel, these patches offer flexibility and convenience without compromising on durability.

Chenille Patchs

Bring a classic, vintage feel to your garments with our Chenille Patches. Known for their plush, velvety texture, these patches are perfect for letterman jackets, sports apparel, and collegiate gear, adding a unique, tactile element to any item.

Faux Leather Labels

Our Faux Leather Labels add a sophisticated, eco-friendly touch to jeans, bags, and accessories. With a luxurious texture and high-quality printing, these labels offer an animal-friendly alternative that elevates your products with a rich, premium look.

Printed Labels

Revolutionize your product labeling with our high-definition Printed Labels. Offering vibrant colors and sharp details, these labels are ideal for care instructions, brand logos, and custom designs, ensuring your message stands out clearly.

Hang Tags

Our Custom Hang Tags are designed to complement your products and packaging perfectly. Available in various shapes, sizes, and finishes, they provide essential information and boost your brand’s visibility, adding a professional touch to retail items.

Rubber Patches

Durable and weather-resistant, our Rubber Patches are an excellent choice for outdoor gear, footwear, and bags. These flexible, 3D patches can be customized with your logo or design, offering a modern, tactile branding solution.

Heat Transfer Labels

Say goodbye to irritating tag edges with our Heat Transfer Labels. Perfect for sportswear, underwear, and T-shirts, these labels transfer directly onto fabric, providing a smooth, seamless finish that’s comfortable against the skin.

Care Labels

Ensure your products are properly cared for with our Custom Care Labels. Made from durable, easy-to-read materials, these labels provide vital washing and maintenance instructions, preserving the quality and longevity of your items.


Our Custom Ribbons are the perfect finishing touch for packaging, decorations, or promotional events. Available in a range of colors and finishes, they can be personalized with your message or logo, adding a sophisticated flair to any presentation.

Jacron Labels

Embrace the rugged, natural look with our Jacron Labels, ideal for denim and casual wear. Resembling paper but boasting the durability of fabric, these labels offer a unique, eco-friendly way to brand your products.

Silicone Labels

Elevate your brand with our durable, flexible Silicone Labels. Perfect for swimwear, outerwear, and sports equipment, these waterproof, soft-touch labels are customizable with your design, offering a high-end, tactile branding solution.

Cotton Labels

Opt for a soft, natural feel with our Cotton Labels. Ideal for organic or eco-conscious brands, these labels are gentle against the skin and provide a premium, sustainable option for displaying your brand or care instructions.

Iron-on Self-adhesive Labels

Our Iron-on Self-adhesive Labels offer a quick, easy way to apply branding or personalization to your products. With strong adhesion and lasting durability, these labels are perfect for fabric items, requiring no sewing for a clean, professional finish.

Each description is tailored to highlight the key features and benefits of the product, aiming to engage and inform potential customers about the value and quality of your offerings.

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