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Custom Woven Labels

A woven label is a type of tag sewn into clothing, accessories, or textiles that displays information such as the brand name, size, care instructions, or fabric composition. Unlike printed labels, woven labels are created by weaving threads together on a loom, making them highly durable and capable of featuring intricate designs and text with a high degree of clarity.
Woven labels are favored for their premium quality and longevity, as they do not fade or wear off easily with washing and regular use. They can be made using various types of yarns, including polyester, cotton, and satin, offering different textures and finishes to match the product's aesthetic and tactile requirements.
These labels are versatile and can be customized in numerous ways, including size, color, fold (e.g., flat, loop, end fold, center fold, miter fold), and type of weave, allowing brands to convey their identity effectively and add a touch of elegance or professionalism to their products.
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2021 Lunar New Year Holiday notice!

Lunar New Year Holiday production cut off, the new orders will be delay. Please contact us for more info.

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