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Printed Hang Tags

Printed hang tags are informational or decorative tags attached to products, especially clothing and accessories, but also used on a wide range of merchandise including gadgets, home goods, and even food items. These tags are typically made from cardstock or other durable paper materials and are printed with details such as the brand name, logo, product name, price, barcode, care instructions, and sometimes promotional messages or the story of the brand.
Hang tags serve multiple purposes: they provide important product information, reinforce brand identity, and contribute to the overall packaging appeal, potentially influencing a customer's purchase decision. They are usually attached to the product with a string, plastic fastener, ribbon, or metal chain.
The design of printed hang tags can vary greatly, offering brands a creative platform to express their identity and connect with customers. They can range from simple and minimalistic to elaborate and luxurious, often incorporating unique shapes, custom die-cuts, textured papers, foil stamping, embossing, or even digital elements like QR codes that direct users to a website or video.
Printed hang tags are an essential element of product presentation and marketing, allowing brands to stand out on retail shelves and communicate key messages directly to consumers.
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